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Why You Should File a Claim for A Vaccine Injury

No one expects they or their child will experience an adverse reaction after a routine vaccination.  Because it is so rare, your doctor will often not include the vaccine as a possible cause for your illness or condition. In fact, many medical professionals are not even aware of what can be done to help with your situation.

But these reactions do occur, which is why the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program was created by Congress to provide compensation when a person is injured by a vaccine.

Compensation from the Program can include:

  • Unreimbursed medical expenses (those not paid by health insurance, Medicare or Medicaid)

  • Past and anticipated lost earnings or wages caused by the Vaccine Injury

  • Past and projected pain, suffering and emotional distress from the Vaccine Injury, up to $250,000

Our Team of Attorneys Can Determine if Your Injury Is Recognized by The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program and Get Started on Your Claim.

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