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Posted by Richard H. Moeller | May 24, 2018 | 0 Comments

The GBS/CIDP Foundation International has identified the month of May as GBS/CIDP Awareness Month. For many, until a diagnosis of this disorder is made to an individual or someone they know- most people have never heard of GBS or CIDP. As I have written about before, awareness of the Vaccine Injury Program “VICP” is very important, this includes awareness as to the types of injuries that can result from a vaccination.

“GBS” is short for Guillian-Barre Syndrome and is a disorder that causes your body's immune system to attack and damage your nerves. CIDP, which stands for Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy, is similar to GBS.  Often, symptoms include tingling and weakness in the feet and legs that spreads to the upper body, paralysis, difficulty breathing, rapid heart rate, changes in blood pressure, and difficulty with bladder control or bowel function.

While the exact cause of GBS is unknown, the medical community has identified that it usually appears after an infection. It is also accepted that it can occur after vaccinations, even noted as a possible “rare” cause by the Mayo clinic here: It is also recognized as a “table claim” by the VICP, meaning that if within three to forty-two days after receiving the seasonal flu vaccine you begin to experience symptoms of GBS, the VICP presumes that the vaccination is the cause of your injury. If you were hospitalized and required surgery or have suffered from the injury for over six months, or it is anticipated you will suffer from the disorder for that length of time, you would meet the criteria for a table claim.

We have worked on several cases involving clients who have suffered or had a child who suffered from GBS or CIDP. While we recognize that monetary awards can never take the place of what you or your loved one had to and still may have to endure as a result of their injury, the purpose of the VICP is to compensate for the suffering that has resulted and provide reimbursement for certain expenses. Compensation for expenses includes payment for unreimbursed medical expenses, and for any lost wages that were caused by your injury. In the event one cannot work again, payment for future wages may also be sought.  Our clients have received awards ranging from $100,000 to over $900,000.

If you or a loved one has received a diagnosis of GBS or CIDP and had an influenza vaccination in the weeks or months prior to that diagnosis, it is important to speak with an attorney regarding a possible claim with the VICP. We are happy to visit with you and discuss any questions about the VICP and claim process you may have and will do that, and if you would like, evaluate your case, free of charge.

You can contact us about a possible Vaccine Injury by visiting our Contact page. You can also email me directly at [email protected].  And you can learn more about the NVICP and the firm's representation of persons with possible Vaccine Injury claims by visiting the Vaccine Injury page and other articles in our Blog.

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