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What Does VAERS Tell Us About SIRVA

Richard H. Moeller March 7, 2018

Last month I wrote about the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System.  VAERS is a federal surveillance system designed to collect and analyze data about adverse events after a shot or immunization.  The data collected by VAERS (except personal identifying information) is publicly available, and tells us something about the kinds of problems experienced by people.

In the most recent VAERS data for 2017, the term “shoulder” or “arm” appears as a symptom or complaint in roughly 5,600 separate reports.  For example, one incident involves a woman who immediately after the shot experienced pain in her right arm, which “on a scale of 1-10 it was 15.”  The next day her arm motion was limited and she was treated with pain medication.

The report does not give any follow up information, but if her condition lasted for more than six months, her injury probably meets the criteria for a SIRVA, which stands for shoulder injury resulting from vaccine administration.  As Nikki Nobbe discussed in a blog last June, SIRVA is a real injury and recognized as a Vaccine Injury entitle do compensation.  And SIRVA is now a Table Injury, making it easier to qualify. We have also discussed the prevalence of SIRVA injuries from the flu shot.

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