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The Impact of SIRVA

Richard H. Moeller April 18, 2023

A New Study Explores the Impact of Sirva

A recent study, published in Exploratory Research in Clinical and Social Pharmacy in December 2022, explored the current data regarding SIRVA. The authors conclude that although SIRVA is a well-recognized, real adverse reaction to a vaccine, its impact is still poorly understood.

SIRVA stands for shoulder injury related to vaccine administration.  It refers to the cause and effect relationship between a vaccine injection and the damage done to the anatomic structures adjacent to the deltoid muscle.  The immediate and long term effects of that damage are severe pain and limited range of motion of the shoulder.

The study found that despite what is known about SIRVA, is under-reported and often times unrecognized by health care practitioners. The study noted the higher rate of injury experienced by women compared to men. Finally, it encouraged better reporting and education relating to the occurrence and treatment of SIRVA among the health care profession and the public.  It is an excellent article for calling attention to SIRVA and its impact.  It can be found online at IMPACT OF SIRVA

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