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New Federal Spending Law Includes Increased Funding for The VICP

Richard H. Moeller Jan. 4, 2023

The federal government recently enacted a major spending package for fiscal-year 2023. It includes a modest but much needed increase in funds for administering the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. The Program, or VICP, provides for compensation to persons injured or suffering an adverse reaction to certain vaccines, like the seasonal flu shot. The new law does not change which vaccines or injuries are covered by the Program or the amount of compensation paid.  Hopefully, the new law will improve efficiencies in the Program to allow claims to be processed more quickly. As originally enacted, the Program was intended to be a streamlined way for people suffering from vaccine injuries to be compensated.

The attorneys at Vaccine Injury Pros understand these claims involve specialized and difficult litigation, requiring knowledge and experience that is unique to representing persons suffering from adverse reactions to a vaccine covered by the VICP. We understand the processes involved in obtaining compensation when a claim is allowed and work diligently to maximize the amount of that compensation.  Feel free to contact us.