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Is My Claim Worth Calling an Attorney? Is There Really No Cost?

Vaccine Injury Pros Oct. 16, 2018

In our last blog, we discussed how if you have suffered an injury, it is worth contacting us to discuss if you have a vaccine injury claim. In this part of our blog we discuss why it is worth both your time, and ours to investigate and pursue a vaccine injury claim.

Is Contacting You Regarding a Vaccine Claim Worth My Time?

While this is something we will discuss with you further and is truly only a question you can answer, after speaking with us and the identification that there is a viable claim, in our experience the resounding answer is YES.  Typically our initial phone call will take less than an hour, during that call we will ask you about your injury and tell you about the VICP and the work we can do for you. If in that conversation, it is decided that you may have a viable claim we will discuss how we investigate claims and if you would like to proceed. If so, we get information regarding your medical providers- all you need to give us is their names and we will do the rest of the work to track them down. We will then send you an agreement and ask that you sign authorization requests for your medical providers. We will incur the cost for obtaining your medical records.  After that, the ball is in our court- we do the work for you, and at no cost to you.

If we determine and recommend that a claim should be filed, we prepare all the necessary paperwork. As it is your claim, you will be asked to review and sign certain documents but we are committed to doing the work, and making it as easy as possible for you to pursue a claim.

Is It Worth an Attorney's Time? Is There Really No Cost to Me?

As attorneys practicing in the VICP, we are compensated for our time from the program. In order to file a claim we have to have what is termed a “reasonable basis” to file. Meaning that, before we file a claim we must have investigated and have sufficient good faith belief that you have a claim that is worth of compensation from the program.

If after speaking with you initially, we believe you have may have a claim, we will investigate your claim, at no cost to you. If we don't feel that we can take your case, we will tell you that as well. It is well worth your time, and ours, to discuss if you have a possible claim- and again, we will discuss the matter with you FREE of charge. You can also email me directly at nnobbe@mooreheffernanlaw.com. And you can learn more about the NVICP and the firm's representation of persons with possible Vaccine Injury claims by visiting the Vaccine Injury page and other articles in our Blog.