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How Vaccine Injury Pros Handles a Vaccine Injury Claim

Vaccine Injury Pros May 5, 2017

People fear what they don't know. In the case of seeking legal advice, people don't know how a lawyer is going to handle their problem and how much it is going to cost.  Terms like “free consultation” are helpful, but do not fully explain what the lawyer is going to do, and how much you can expect to pay.

When Vaccine Injury Pros is contacted by a person who believes they may have suffered a Vaccine Injury, we spend whatever time is necessary to explain the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP), the process involved, how long it may take, and what we do to determine if the facts support filing a claim. Our next step is to gather all of the relevant medical history involved in the person's immunization, adverse reactions, and current condition. These include medical records from the person's doctors, clinics, hospitals, and other providers.

Not all situations are eligible for compensation from the NVICP.  So next, we analyze those records and assess if there is a reasonable basis to believe the vaccination caused the person's reaction, illness, or condition, and may be entitled to compensation under the NVICP. If that assessment requires additional expertise, we may consult with medical professionals with specialized knowledge.

If our determination is that the facts support making a claim, we will prepare all of the necessary documentation, file the claim, and represent you in the litigation. If it appears a valid claim cannot be made, we will explain that to you and advise you of any alternatives that may be available to you.

At all times during the process, we keep you fully informed, providing you with an explanation of our activities and findings.  And we do all of this without charging you a fee or requiring you to pay the expenses necessary to pursue the claim.  This is because the NVICP pays for that person's lawyer, as a way to encourage them to seek compensation without incurring a financial burden. This means that if your claim is granted by NVICP, the amount of your recovery is not reduced by the fees paid to your lawyer.  Similarly, if we are required to hire an expert for consultation, or to testify in the case, we advance those fees and get reimbursed from the NVICP.

You can contact us about a possible Vaccine Injury by visiting our Contact page. And you can learn more about the NVICP and the firm's representation of persons with possible Vaccine Injury claims by visiting the Vaccine Injury page and other articles in our Blog.